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The Royal Link

Lord Jorgen Marsvin married Karen Ottesdatter Gyldenstjerne at  Lysgaard, Viborg on May 27, 1565

Jorgen Marsvin Karen Ottesdatter Gyldenstjerne  

They had eleven children.  Their fifth child, Ellen, born in 1572, married Ludvig Munk at the age of seventeen.  He was 52 years old.


Ellen Marsvin

Ludvig Munk

Ellen and Ludvig had only one child, a daughter, Kirsten. 
Kirsten Munk became the
second wife of
King Christian IV of Denmark.

King Christian IV Kirsten Munk  

Kirsten and King Christian had numerous children.  The king's favourite was Leonora Christine born in 1621.  She later married a nobleman, Corfitz Ulfeldt.

On account of her husband's treasonable acts, Princess Leonora Christine was imprisoned in the Blue Tower of Copenhagen Castle for 22 years.


Leonora Christine


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