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Thomas Edward Richardson
 Born: May 7, 1854  Died: June 10, 1946
son of

Thomas Richardson

Born: Feb 12, 1822
in Botchestone, Leicestershire
Died: Dec, 1904
in Peckleton, Leicestershire


Sarah Sharp
Born: Aug 1829
in Peckleton, Leicestershire
Died: Feb 1923
in North Kilworth, Leicestershire

son of


daughter of

William  Richardson
Born: Abt 1785
in Polesworth, Warwickshire
Died: Oct 1855
in Desford, Leicestershire

William Sharp
Born: Abt 1784
in Ibstock, Leicestershire
Died: Feb 22, 1859
n Peckleton, Leicestershire




Jane Taylor
Born: July 9, 1787
in Measham, Derbyshire
daughter of
William Taylor
of Repton, Derbyshire
Mary Wright
of Measham, Derbyshire


Mary Bent
Born: 1794
in Barwell, Leicestershire
Died: Sept 19, 1846
in Peckleton, Leicestershire

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