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Me and My Car

I drive a red Honda Integra R-Type sports car.   In February 2009, I joined the MG Car Club of Queensland, urged on by a friend.  Never having been a 'rev head' or a 'hoon' in my younger days, speed and car handling were new experiences for me as they are for the majority of women.  And, taking up Motor Sports, a predominantly male pursuit, at the age of sixty presented a considerable challenge.  Was I up for it?

Rev head is an Australian term for a young male person who owns and is obsessed by an excessively powerful motor vehicle generally manufactured in the 1970's or 1980's; his car being more important to him than his driver's licence, sex, drugs or rockíníroll! (

Hoon is a derogatory term used in Australia and New Zealand to refer to a young person who engages in loutish, anti-social behaviour.  In particular, it describes someone who drives in a manner that is anti-social by the standards of contemporary society - fast, noisy and/or dangerous. Hoon activities can include street racing, speeding, burnouts, doughnuts or screeching tyres (

Mt Cotton Hillclimbs

The MG Car Club was formed in 1954 with early meetings being held in club rooms in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.  The original aim of the club was to foster fellowship and competition amongst MG lovers but these days, ownership of an MG is not mandatory.  The club promotes Motor Sports in general providing categories for entrants of 4-wheel drive vehicles, modified go-karts, buggies, road cars and open wheelers; just about anything!  The club has a yearly calendar full of events ranging from Hillclimbs,  Race Meetings, Motorkhanas, Sprints, Night Navigation Runs, Social Day Runs and Working Bees. 

Queuing up in readiness for another run at the MG Car Club Hillclimb,
Gramzow Road, Mt Cotton.

The MG Car Club of Queensland

They say that Hill climbing is the Motor Sport discipline for the thinking driver. MGCC owns and operates one of Australia's most interesting Hill Climb Circuits at Mt Cotton.  The 980m track comprises ascending and descending slopes, blind bends with unusual cambers, a hairpin bend and a tricky chicane on the way out.  Built by enthusiasts around 1968, the track challenges the most capable of drivers. It never fails to surprise as participants push themselves to the limit.   In 2009, I entered the Tighe CAMS Series.

The steward checks the position of my tyres against the electronic starting pad
then I await the green light.

Taking the first bend.  Spectators regularly attend events to watch us hurl around the track attempting to break our own records or beat others.
And naturally, they are always hoping for a mishap! - Nothing too serious, though.

My Race Times (2009)

Event Date Venue Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Run 4
Come and Try 8 Feb 2009 Mt Cotton 83.46 77.01 DNR DNR
Tighe CAMS Series Round 1 15 March 2009 Mt Cotton 73.02 71.85 74.08 DNR
Tighe CAMS Series Round 2 17 May 2009 Mt Cotton 70.04 66.44 67.03 67.83
Tighe CAMS Series Round 3 20 & 21 June 2009 Noosa Hillclimb 106.27 98.53 97.01 91.75
Tighe CAMS Series Round 4 5 July 2009 Mt Cotton 64.83 62.45 63.31 62.93
Tighe CAMS Series Round 5 9 August 2009 Mt Cotton 62.32 60.59 59.17 60.05
Tighe CAMS Series Round 6 13 September 2009 Mt Cotton 60.28 59.60 59.92 59.39
Tighe CAMS Series Round 7 29 November 2009 Mt Cotton 61.50 60.10 62.05 DNR

Other Events (2009)

Wheels on Wide Bay       Motorkhana

This kind of mishap is always a distinct possibility. 
The driver jumped from the car at impact and wasn't hurt.


This involves manoeuvring as fast as possible around a tight and tortuous course marked out by flags. 


A great day out at Queensland University to showcase MG's through the ages.  I also entered my car in the non-marque class.


Presentation of the Hillclimb Trophies (Tighe and MGCCQ)
for 2009

took place at the Tighe CAMS Premises on Friday, 29 January 2010.

My achievements in 2009 on the Mt Cotton Hill earned me the

Here is Kay presenting me with the award; a large trophy cup which stays with the Club and another glass trophy which is mine to keep.

The award is for the 'most improved female driver on the Hill'; an Encouragement Award to inspire me to carry on!


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