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In the Beginning B Sc (Maths) from Leicester University, England
Post Grad Cert in Education from London University
England Maths Teacher at a High School in Essex
Teacher in Hospital School, Hertfordshire (Special Education)
Australia (past) Because of my Special Education background, I was recruited to work in an Opportunity School in Redcliffe near Brisbane following my arrival in Queensland in 1974. 
These schools were designed to cater for mildly mentally retarded children, many of whom had considerable learning and behavioural disorders.
  The next year, my application to become a Guidance Officer was successful and I underwent a year's training at QIT.
  I worked for several years for the Brisbane West Region Special Education Branch as a Primary Guidance OfficerMy job entailed administering IQ Tests and  various psychological instruments as a means of recommending a suitable learning program for the child. The work also involved a substantial amount of Social Work visiting housing commission homes because the parents or 'parent' - usually only the mother - would not come near the school.   They were challenging times!
  Following the birth of my first son, I took time out to raise a family.
  In 1989, I retrained by completing a Cert of Commercial & Office Studies and specialized in Computing (Software)
For the next few years, I worked part-time at a Business Academy and for various SkillShare initiatives as a Computer Instructor.
  In 1993, I began my employment at Kangaroo Point TAFE as a Tutor and also as a Casual Teacher delivering Fee For Service Courses
I had been hired as a Tutor for a specific purpose and that was to deliver Computer Training to the inmates of the Brisbane Women's Prison at Boggo Road. 

"Was it because of my Special Education background that they thought I could handle these wayward women OR was is because I could adjust to being 'Inside' after my experience in Afghanistan?"

  From 1993-1996, part of my weekly hours were spent in the Electronic Learning Centre at Kangaroo Point TAFE and the other part at Brisbane Women's.
From 2001-2003, I was back 'Inside' again.  This time in the new prisons at Wacol, namely Brisbane Women's Prison and Wolston Men's Prison for sex offenders.
I was extremely disappointed when TAFE failed to win the tender with Corrective Services for training after 2003.  Just as much as the work was challenging, it was fascinating and, despite the complex difficulties arising daily from working in the prison system, I found it most fulfilling.
Australia (present) By 2007, I was ready for another change having acquired plenty of expertise in the Microsoft Office Suite of packages and Web Design programs such as Frontpage and Dreamweaver.  I moved from the eLearn Centre (same place, different name) across to the Civil Engineering Faculty within Southbank Institute of Technology (different name but the same place!) where I acquired the status of 'lecturer' and spent three years teaching IT to first year Engineering students.

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